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2014 8% Profit margins/ROI RATIO

We were talking about 2014 Production Costs for variable costs on another thread The Return on Investment Ratios came up on that thread so I thought it would be interesting to talk about the ROI/Return on Investment Ratios since they are tied very close to the variable costs. Anyway, thought it would be good to look at the next step, which is looking at total Investment return ratios. For an intesresting statisics, the college of agriculture at Iowa State University says around 8% is the 20 year average return on crop farming meaning being corn and soybeans. They didn;t include wheat on this 8% ROI Ratio. Any thoughts on if the college of agriculture at Iowa State University is somewhat accurate on this 8% ROI Ratio? Any feedback on this total 8% ROI Ratio would be interesting. Thanks.

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Re: 2014 8% Profit margins/ROI RATIO