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2017 Census of Agriculture In The Mail

The 2017 Census of Agriculture will arrive at some of our doorsteps soon.  I welcome this document.  It's my chance to give accurate information and hope that I will receive accurate information in return.  This information is valuable because we won't get it from any other source.  One can bet that Pioneer, Cargill, Bayer and Monsanto will not tell you a single thing more than they are forced to about what they know about agriculture, while at the same time do everything they can to get our data and use it for their own benefit.


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BA Deere
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Re: 2017 Census of Agriculture In The Mail

Could they make it more simple?  See, I`d answer it but asking me about "tobacco grown and cotton grown...if none go to question 16b...blah blah blah"  that crap, I`d sooner go to the shop and fix something that ain`t broken.   Then they send it out in September and bug you with phone calls the rest of the`s like "Lady, I don`t know what my corn yield is yet, it ain`t even Halloween and I ain`t hardly started yet" .   I had the survey on my desk and the home phone rang the other day and the ID said "USDA" ...oh what the hell do they want? well, it was a nice lady and she asked about 5 questions and we were done in 30 seconds, I asked if I could throw the envelope of crap they sent away then?  And she said, "yes, you can recycle it" ...yeah okay  🙂    But from now on, I`m waiting for the phone call, it`s a lot quicker.   🙂

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Re: 2017 Census of Agriculture In The Mail

My was in the trash before it was ever on my desk. Still no phone call.

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Re: 2017 Census of Agriculture In The Mail

It is still here.  In the harvest backlog ------- or log jam... will soon be part of the trash can avalanche .... Call was yesterday the day we finished harvest.

So when I get the paperwork done and the mountain of "grain price" complaints dealt with I will take a look at it.  With some eggnog and coffee ---by the fire place as the snow flies.... the temptation will be great.


Another reminder that usda harvested the crop that sets the price months ago.... why do they need a survey if they publish the truth.... and it's always the truth when the calendar turns.


It will be late just like my harvest was.......

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