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Re: $207 per CSR Point/$16,560 per acre/SLOPE OF LAND IN THE CSR Rating!!! Very Important!!!!!

That's an interesting thought Shaggy98, take Iowa farmland that has good-quality NICOLENT LOAM Soil which has around a 88 CSR Rating with a 0 to 2% and less SLOPE, take the same NICOLENT LOAM Soil with a 2 to 4% SLOPE/GRADE which has a 77 CSR Rating and level it out to a 2% or less SLOPE which would increase the total average farm's CSR Rating on this section of 2-4% SLOPE to an 88 CSR Rating. Interesting, but I have never, ever, seen this done in Iowa that I am aware of. I would never even know what the cost would be to level out say 20 to 40 acres from a 4% SLOPE to one less than 1%. This would increase the CSR on this 40 acres to 88, which is a good thing, but the cost????? I have no idea on the cost issue. I would think if it was cost-effective to try, would think some farmers would try it, MAYBE??????? i just don't know at all on the cost. Anybody have a guess??? I sure don't!!!!! I know for a fact, that farm drainage tiling is almost always an excellent decision to spend money on to max your farms corn yields, but farmland leveling is completely out of my ballpark, it would be an extremely interesting project to try-out howver, but the dollar pay-back numbers have me completely in over my head. Maybe if "OR" when hIGH-QUALITY Iowa farmland hits $240 per CSR Point we will find out. But I just don't see a $240 per CSR Point Level being "HIT" for at least 5 years or longer. Maybe I am wrong on this $240 CSR Point Resistance Level, but boy, $240 per CSR Point would be a huge price level for even the "Best of the Best" Iowa dirt. Yes, it would be an Iowa dream of mine, but really, it doesn't accomplish much for me unless I thought of selling s couple of my farms. Otherwise, it really means nothing to me at all. A small paper gain on your NET WORTH STATEMENT at the bank is all, barely worth the 10 cents per page of the paper it's on!!!!!! LOL