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Re: $207 per CSR Point/$16,560 per acre/SLOPE OF LAND IN THE CSR Rating!!! Very Important!!!!!



Great explanation and a solid life story too. I also had the great fortune (i.e. dumb luck) to marry a small town Iowa girl in1979. Her Irish great, great, great, grandfather came over via boat & then covered wagon to Chickasaw County. Once arrived, he bought some newly opened farmland a decade or so before the Civil War.


Amazingly, that same small farm (<240 acres) remained within the same Irish family for these past 160 years. I give a deep bow and a humble acknowledgment to my wife's ancestors. Holding a family farm together through a Civil War, two great depressions, several financial panics, multiple local & national farm crises, two world wars, and a host of natural disasters, was truly a remarkable achievment. Luck alone cannot explain what those men and their wives did to keep that farm together to this day. "Ain't that America?"


My own career path was much more pedestrian. Son of a Des Moines doctor, Hawkeye history grad in 1979, 20 years in the USMC, 10 years as an educational researcher at UW-Madison,wrote a book on decision making theory and then hung out a shingle as an LLC business consultant for these past five years. zzzzzzz


May our paths cross one day,