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Re: 25¢/gal Gas Tax For Infrastructure?

yesterday's graft is todays bargain.


the car of the future in space........ "your tax dollars at work"     


The greatest show on earth...... one eight year time that handed out nearly 10 trillion for primarily blue sky... 

An explosion of technical creation exploding before our eyes......... and ends in a sky full of smoke............ drilling technology opening up old spent reserves to new production in petroleum while we hand out trillions to replace cheap fuel with things most will never afford.

Usually the fireworks mean the show is nearly over...... and the crowd in the streets goes home feeling good about it...(knowing they could not afford that show)

The crowd drives the potholes home and the politicians jet back to the coast.


That is the greatest 10 year political success of all.    Possibly a societal "flame out"




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Re: 25¢/gal Gas Tax For Infrastructure?

Maybe the River Barge Business should shoulder their own projects - currently  at .20/ gallon  ?

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Re: 25¢/gal Gas Tax For Infrastructure?

Yes, that's what I understand, they want roads
To be a private business. Remember a while
Back this was talked of....and questions of
Such things as eminate domain used to buy
Private land, and forcing sales. Then issues
About the quality standards of construction.
And then illistrated by a place that the state
Had to take over. Can not remember where.

Amazing, we had a little program a couple
Years ago, that some of the stuff falling

But have you noticed how the wpa stuff has
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Jim take note......

This thread went a ways without considering that the new energy investment areas we have pumped trillions into like tesla, LNG and hybrids don't pay for roads through fuel tax.

And to give Kansas some needed good publicity....... toll roads correct that inequality a little.

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