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Here is the link to the details from the auction house


Tried to copy and paste, here, but it won't let me do it.

My thoughts:
The ground is South of Broken Bow, not far from Ansley.   There is quite a bit of variance in soil type, slope, etc, but I'd say 'average' irrigated ground there, would yield about 180 corn, 55 beans or so, with rotation.   Now, keep in mind that Custer County is anything but level, so a field on good bottom ground, would do better, and the hills less.

Ground out that way, brings at $5-7K an acre or so, it would be worth more with a pivot, a new one costs about $75K, spread out over 95 acres, and without seeing the ground, there is no way to know if a pivot would cover the ground, or not.

The balance would most likely be grassland, which is worth anywhere from $750-$1400 an acre, depending on how sandy it is, and how 'clean' the grass is.  There are places, that are cedar infested, that will cost $1000 an acre to clean up (usually not the whole place, but the cost of the worst acres).

A western Land Roller pump, is designed to run at 1750 RPM, so the stated GPM at 1900 should be ignored, you are overspeeding the well, and can cavitate the impellers, so I'll go with the 720 GPM @ 1800, which would be more realistic.

While 750 GPM is OK for a 100 acre pivot, it is inadequate for 90 ares of gravity ground.   I have 10 GPM per minute, and barely had time this year, to shut off half a day, to change oil.  

I would also want to know if the well is steel cased, or concrete cased, as a well put down in 1957, would likely be on its last legs, if it were steel cased, due to corrosion.   I can think of several steel cased wells from the early 60s, that have caved in, around here.  Replacement cost, at that depth, would ballpark @ maybe $50K.

No mention of the gated pipe for gravity irrigation, ballpark around $2 a foot for used aluminum pipes, or about the same for new plastic.


It probably brought going price, for the last year or two, or maybe even a bit more