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Re: 2770 Iowa Acres To Max-Out Insurance Proposal

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No BA that is not what I mean.


I think the move to corporate food control is inevitable... that was sealed when the feds decided to allow the corporations to take over our seed supply with monopoly practices.


All I am saying is that the move to help small farms and not large farms by payment limits will speed up the corp takeover process and take usda out of any guidance position it has had over supply and production.


The payments have been too small to make any difference for large farms already....

AND  IMO the insurance government "share" of premium has only inflated the cost of insurance and no benefit to producers.  It is just a taxpayer transfer direct to the insurance industry.  Crop insurance at a level high enough to protect investment has been driven up to unaffordable levels, while the insurance companies do not have to wory about actuary tables,,, they have a guaranteed profit at taxpayer expense.


And we have something that represents insurance in name only.  It just hasn't worked very well.  Those who use it still go out of business,,,,, they just bleed to death slower.  

Some of that swamp activity....


usda is no different than any other agency.  The fewer participants in agriculture the easier to regulate and acount for.


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