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Re: 2770 Iowa Acres To Max-Out Insurance Proposal

BA (commenting on your arc/plc longer statement),


With a little historic prospective,,,, My father in the early 1960's measured ground for usda locally as he was getting started farming on his own and instructed me.... "We live in an area where climate and conditions are unique, with assets and problems that are not common across the US.  Manufacturers can not afford to develop answers without large sales potential, and universities have never been leaders in innovation.  The real innovation comes from our resourceful neighbors."


We see that the last few year in herbicide failures on limited tillage.  Some are finding ways to "fix" the problem with unique thought.  And all around are asking "what did you use on that field" and "Here is what I tried" etc etc.  And eventually labels are modified to adjust to the what works and hasn't been thought of, as chem reps observe.


How rediculous for usda to depend on Universities to write farm programs...  I think we have seen an embarassing failure of of those who can give clever presentations.  Now we can expect "fixes" to come... but not much real "vision from elected officials with no experience in Agriculture.

So the best minds we have on the subject are corporately owned.... and always available to "shape" legislation.




In this area most who farm farm some irrigation for profit and several dryland acres for fun.  Now their caught in a problem...

Irrigation's hay day is over in Kansas and is depleting...... most can't afford to carry the losses of dry land any more.  Yet they may need to hold on to every acre they can to try to make the comming dry land era work.


But nationally we seem hell bent to price according to the economy's willingness to pay without surplus and the export market seems unimportant to the buyers and their friends at usda...... If so we do not need 30% of our farm ground.  Larger well backed production units will and can supply the markets real needs and the technology is there to support them.  Small acreage units that are less productive will go idle in most every state.  And values will go back to being dependent on Location, Location, Location.


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