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Yeah!  Lets go for it!  Lets reestablish the county farm, the poor house and a debtors prison in each county so those indigent citizens who just can't cut it and fell through the ctracks, and did not inherit a farm or cash from mommy and daddy can live and be fed at our expense.  


I think in this day and time we already have them, they are called tent cities, sleeping in cars, and not having a government that provides economic opportunity for citizens, but exists soley for those who need it least.  


But I can see where the nimrods in farming, who are sitting at the country club,enhancing their image of being accepted by strangers and calling the co-op to do their work, like spraying, pulling NH3, and playing pasture pool.  These jokers  will not observe these cracks or the people falling through them..


I mean . . . it is all about that new green paint, a new pickup, a new McMansion and flaunting an image that will probably go away when we hit $4 corn and $7 beans.  I

mean it takes a lot of effort to be a "Madison Avenue Farmer".


When i started farming (1973) I think we had about 200,000 farmers in Iowa.  Today we have less than 80,000 in Iowa, so the trend is downward, in the dog eat dog game of farming few survive and it is not the bucolic life style  most non farmers imagine it to be. . . farming has always been a tough place to make a living.  


Only city folk, acreage owners, tree huggers and CRP owners and government employees  see the picture of what they think is going on in farming. They see the new paint, the high priced land, and the high prices of crops being raised and get the impression (which Madison Avenue farmers like) that farmers are rich.  Well most of us who are still here, know who quickly wealth or net worth on a balance sheet can disappear.  We have more bad years or low income years in farming than we ever had years like we have had during the past five years.  Enjoy it . . . because it will not last.


It appears to me if a person likes the life of an indentured servant, paying off other peoples land, and keeping John Deere and Pioneer profitable, and able to live off the   table scraps they are left with when all bills are paid (or not) then Welcome to farming. 


Let us have a few dry years, crop insurance indemnities reduced, and direct payments ended, and we will see how many of these operations are still standing when the dust settles.   More often than not, farming is life where few get rich on growing crops on other peoples land.  Only farmers with some land die rich.


So those of you who believe we should have no safety net for our elderly, young, or indigent just wait a while . . . because where this country is headed you may soon be standing in their shoes, and sleeping under a bridge somewhere.



I imagine most of the members of the Iowa Corn Growers can farm another year on the government dole payment, when it was not long ago, they were going to have to get out of farming if they got audited by FSA or lost their direct payment.  Man!!!!!  Pass the popcorn and get me another Corona.  This country has become a real "piece of work".  John 



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