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5 seeking Iowa Ag Sec job

4 Republicans vying for their party`s nomination and one Democrat running unopposed.  I think all 5 are qualified, even the Democrat Tim Gannon seems like a good guy.  My top 2 choices are State Senator Dan Zumbach, he understands selling hogs for pennies a pound and has overcame a tornado tragedy.  My second choice would be the Democrat Tim Gannon, a 900 acre farmer, so not a Bigshot.   See all 5 candidates are pretty much on the same page policy wise, so you sort of look more into each`s personality.


But okay, the elephant in the room me being a Farm Bureau man why aren`t I supporting the former Iowa FB president?  Well, you know how George HW Bush was a CIA man and became president?   Well I had big problems with "how will he serve 2 masters"?  Well the Farm Bureau and CIA are kind of similar  🙂


Anyway here is a couple links on the race

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Re: 5 seeking Iowa Ag Sec job

I heard a short radio interview with the FB guy and after several minutes of listing all the organizations he was a big shot in he mentioned that he was a farmer.  This was on a farm show interview.


Granted, we have people with no experience in the profession leading people in that business.  Maybe being an undertaker is an example.  Still, as a farmer, I'd kind of like to see an applicant for the Sec Ag job who is a farmer say up front that he is a farmer and tell me later what other organizations he belongs to.



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Re: 5 seeking Iowa Ag Sec job

Jim  - Point  well   taken - EXCELLENT  

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