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A gift from South Central Kansas

A little news segment from Kansas, what an awesome idea.

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Re: A gift from South Central Kansas

That is a great idea, lost my Grandpa to cancer a few years ago.  If it wasn't for him i wouldn't be anywhere near farming today.  Really hits home for me, as i"m sure it does for many

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Re: A gift from South Central Kansas

That is a wonderful story and great

Our small community raised in excess of
$95,000 one year for the cancer society.
Several people contacted them for help,
they were told there was no coordinator
For the area, and no programs for the
Area, and then asked if they would like
to donate.
I know first hand. Friend had bad skin cancer.
They give them a $20 gas card.
No help with a motel at MD Anderson in Houston.
He doesnt their help anymore. He passed
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