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A gift horse........

If ever there was one.


Keep your eyes on this coming 6 months to a year...


OPPORTUNITY in capital letters..... The US is very close to being 5 or 6 billion bushel short in corn demand even after demand shrinks to higher prices and flood damaged endusers.


Keep an eye on those wrinkle free soccer mom's on the west coast..... They now have the opportunity to stop demanding and fill a demanding market with their "Organic, safe, and chemical free" food production.  As the midwest struggles to get back on its feet in the next couple of years ---- The door is open---- probably 6 to 10 billion bushel of production needed over the next couple of years.

Time to put up or shut up.



hint............ I just came from a long drive down the sacramento river valley.------ the most productive land in the world.(and a beauty spot for agriculture-- the drive down the dike of the sacramento river and across the delta islands is spectacular)  It is being transformed by those sanctimonious techno experts as we speak.  A change that is totally predictable as they are preaching to us about "Hollyistic farming practices" and transforming the delta region to wine grapes.  An expansion in grape production that will make the napa valley look like a road side stand.

That is right those beautiful acres that use some of the most expensive water supplies in the world, and have produced 400 bu corn with ease.... as well as every fruit, vegetable, and grain crop you can think of.........


Watch what they do ..... not what they say....... and guess what they are quiet now, because they can't have their associates in china repackage US corn and send it back as "organic"!!!

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Re: A gift horse........

SW, when corn hit $8 they plowed up golf courses, so I reckon if corn gets high enough they`ll pull out Almond trees and vineyards and plant corn.   Smiley Happy   


What I`m afraid is corn could get so high that it would mothball all the ethanol plants, except just enough to crush the minimum amount of ethanol for the oxygenate levels.   I guess we can kiss good-bye the dream of E-15 that we desperately wanted 20 days ago.

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