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Re: A new, old economy

Kansas City got a shock this week of Harley Davidson shuttering   850   employees in 2019 & closing the KC plant --- 


Although they are ramping up operations in Thailand - interesting --- I'm sure lot's of folks in Thailand could use a   $30,000.oo  ride on the weekends ---


I  this  a  maga  headline - curious ? 


MA-be Legally  sta -ching cash over seas could  get them to a new elevated stock  plateau ?          





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Re: A new, old economy

Things are just nuts, let's face it...doesn't much matter
What party is in control (that's a whole different
We have so many problems it hard to know where
To start.
One thing I have noted as of late is that we have lost
Our sense of value. We are constantly hit with
Advertising we don't know right from wrong.
It's approaching the point it is becoming difficult
Going into stores....why....the prices.
I shake my head. People just don't know the value
Of's a "thing" today...all plastic.
Or automatic accounts...the day of the check
Is limited.
I stopped by the dealership, just wanting to look
And visit. Know the fellow who owns it (yet another many places do you do business at
That you can walk in and talk to the person that
Owns it ?)
We got to talking and crawled into a pu on the
Showroom floor (it set better than the folding chairs
We were sitting on. So I asked the question
$41,500 plus tax...(which is about $3500)
We both agreed that over $40,000 for a new
Pu was go to the other dealership
And blat out those numbers and don't blink
"That's the price, and just what are you going
To do about it ??? (Not buy it)
Like 289 brought up...a motorcycle that cost
$30,000 !!!
While back went to a JD dealer needed part for
One of the 4020's
I don't usually go to this dealer...they have one of
These new jd super buildings
They didn't have it on hand, then the smart$&#@
Said...did you ever think of getting another tractor
Maybe you've got your money out of it.
Same story pricing seed chemicals, fertilizers.
We are told what the value is.,.....I don't see it that

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Re: A new, old economy

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. 

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Re: A new, old economy

There`s a millennial shift going on the takes a chunk out of Harley.  Many millennials would be perfectly happy without a drivers license, let alone a big honking 1300cc bike.  Harley`s hay day was the 65yr old retired Boomer accountant last gasp at being cool before the nursing home....well now they got the broken hip and the old lady put the kibosh on motorcycles.  The globalists want us to drive Vespas and little things what we call "mopeds" like they do in India and China and other places President Trump has a "certain term" for   Smiley Happy


Indian Motorcycles seem to be doing good and I suppose they chip into the Harley market too.  If Thailand is building Harleys, I suppose it`s for that 3rd world moped market. 



"Quite frankly, most millennials simply don't have the financial means to buy a $15,000 bike," said Genevieve Schmitt, founder and editor of the women-focused online motorcycle magazine Women Riders Now.

Schmitt said lifestyle habits also make it difficult for younger people to ride Harleys. Young adults may not have access to a garage or a place to park a large bike, she said, or may not have enough vacation time to tour the country on their motorcycle — a major reason why many people ride Harleys.