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A thanks goes out you in the forum community

What can I say??? The response on the shop topic has really impressed me. I had no idea that it would be so active. Everyone that has put in input has been very eye opening to other ideas. I showed my dad the thread and he could not believe the thought process that people had put into giving sound advice and giving encouraging words. I am at a time in my life which most of you that are farming I am sure have been through. I work hard, use my brain that the good lord gave me and hope for the best. It has been increasingly harder and harder to attain the land needed to expand the operation, but the sideline businesses are keeping the cash flowing and able to save some away for future purchases. Farming is what I AM going to do. The side lines are for now, building for the future. The big boys can walk around and puff their chests out and try to intimidate everyone in the neighborhood. But like everything in the world every action has a reaction and some of these BTO's become their own worst enemies. If I have to keep doing the five part time sidelines to position myself to succeed in the farm sector, that is what I will do. 

So I would like to sincerely thank everyone that has contributed to my thread. It has been a blast to read everyone's thoughts.

As for the shop???? Don't know yet. I think right now I am going to probably sit tight, see what the spring brings, and hope mother nature plays nice. I have 6-8 months before I truly need to have something done.  Maybe next winter after a banner year there will be a new shop in my yard. Or some BTO will burn a bridge and I can pick up a few more acres. I would much rather have the later. I don't need to farm a county to be "special" Just would like to pay my bills and go on a vacation. ( which has not happened in 6 years) 

Have a safe spring.


P.S.. Jim Meade, I wrote last year about bringing helicopters into my op. To custom do some acres. I did and it went very well, ramping up to go again this year. Thanks for the insight.


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Re: A thanks goes out you in the forum community

You are a great young guy...please let your father read that comment, too! 

It is an honor to be asked, and a pleasure to spend a few minutes sharing from experience and opinion with you.  You are going to make a mark for yourself, one way or another, and I sincerely hope your plans conspire to make your dreams come true. 

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