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ASF, "Y2K" or more?

The "other site" to which I`ll link below had a discussion on how ASF in the US would devastate the hog industry and take down corn with it.   It`s something to think about if you don`t already have enough to worry about   Smiley Happy.   But "Y2K" fizzled and "soybean rust" that was going to lay flat our US soybean crop unless we sprayed fungicide 3 times at 80psi.  Rust didn`t happen, but Shazam! the chemical industry made sure that fungicide didn`t go to waste, as they got us spraying it anyway  Smiley raise more beans that will go to $5.


But in this other site thread, they speculate that ASF hogs would have to be euthanized and even those in the area.  The guy with some barns on different sites would probably have empty barns with no income for a time.  Even through ASF is not a threat to humans, there would be pork demand destruction that might have a long effect like WWI G.I`s returning home never wanted to eat mutton again.  


Then less hogs= less corn demand, people would have to eat something, so perhaps cornbread and ketchup? 


I don`t want to give terrorists any ideas, but a foreigner coming in with a patch of ASF infected hog hide in his shoe and throw that patch of hide in a finishing barn ...that is all it would take to make a hell of a mess nationwide.