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About custom farming

I have our acres farmed by a cousin and he charges individual rates for every individual task he does on the farm. He bases the rate on the Iowa State extension service listing of custom rate. Of course each task is rated with a low to high rate with an average cost per acre. One can negotiate anything but listing provides a basic for what is going on throughout the state.  I suppose other states may have simmilar product to guide customer farmers and those that hire them.


There are some tasks the need to be done such as rock picking and disposal and those are generally priced by the custom farmer on an hourly basis.


With this I get nearly new equipment and experienced operators and virtually no repair bills or flat tires and it is all deductable. In fact it is probably less costly than doing it myself especially when yopu consider that I could never afford that high quality equipment on a farm my size.


Another option would be to hire a capable individual and buy the equipment to do the Job. I don't know of anyone doing that but it would be an alternative. I did consider that until I decided i would rather invest my capital in farm land rather than machinery. I doubt I would have gotten as good a return on my investment.

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