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Re: Acre changes and adjustments for 2019

Delaney Howell on Market to Market told about a guy ...or maybe it was Sue Martin on USFR that went from Iowa down to Texas and saw a lot of unharvested corn and bean acres it kind of that area that will be presumably abandoned, wonder if that does get cropped if it`ll go to beans?   And then with this cold snap I wonder how winter wheat fares, of course the wheat crop is killed off 9 times every year  Smiley Happy   


Here in Iowa this year is my "bean year" in the rotation and I intend to stick with it although I really hate raising beans.   I don`t have the money to go corn on corn and with everyone else going more corn, it might not be bad to be a contrarian.   If I won the lottery, I`d raise only corn every year   Smiley Happy


I will be seeding more hay and it sounds like I`m not the only Iowan.