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Honored Advisor

Re: Advice Please maybe a good endin

You have done something that I think is very important...advancing him more gradually, to let him learn and not hurt himself (or you) in the process. 

I will offer an analogy:  My dogs are trained to walk on one of those retractable leashes, so I can manage them when they need to  be carried to the vet or elsewhere away from home.  First time you attach them to one, you have to be sure not to let them run the whole long lead out at top speed, or they will snap when they hit the end and hurt themselves, and nearly pull an arm out of socket on their handler.  If you feed them a little slack at a time, everyone is happy. 

Everyone needs to feel they are making progress, or it feels like  they are losing ground.  It has to be especially hard to be getting up and going now, with so much of what looks like easy money being made.  They do not want to hear fables about the Tortoise and the matter how true the moral may turn out to be...and that we've seen it proven over and over.    

Good for figuring out the best solution for now, and start planning towards your next one...'cause  you will need it!  

BTW, "too much living" is at least somethng you can tell great stories about...we all  get old anyway, whether we've had any fun or not!

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