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Ag America Merges

It's happening all around us. Whether it's the local co-op getting bought out or merging, or whether it's the world's largest seed supplier, Monsanto, getting bought out. What's in it for you?


Full story:  Ag America Merges, What's In It For You?


I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.






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Re: Ag America Merges

Blaming the stockholder is an answer that is too easy.  Like saying the crowd gathered caused the Kennedy assasination.


Profit motive gets demonized a lot..


Tha article points out some good alternative theories, like production changes in the industry and the need to service the larger accounts....  It also seems like an activity that follows difficult economic times, like the smell of rotting flesh on the battlefield.


On a producer scale, if mergers are driven by the need to provide better service to larger accounts it is highly likely that smaller accounts become part of the ----"And one of the victims in consolidation is people" ---comment??

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Re: Ag America Merges

Foreign ownership on this scale and in sensitive industries would NEVER have happened as long as the Greatest Generation had fresh memories of WW II. I think we have largely forgotten that these folks are not necessarily our allies, and letting them have control of our agriculture, our food production, is insane. Just my take. As for mergers, everyone's goal seems to be to get too big to fail. I know I refer to "Soylent Green" more than anyone I know...but, it was apocryphal.