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BA Deere
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Re: AgPoll: How will you remember 2011?

Don, you sound like my wife Smiley Happy   I tell ya what, I got 12K bushel sittin` in the bin naked, if Obama can get me $6.25 or better, I`ll vote for him.

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Re: AgPoll: How will you remember 2011?

I don't believe that! You didn't sell it the last time is was even higher than that.

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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: AgPoll: How will you remember 2011?

@Kay/NC wrote:

John, just my perspective, but other than the wild weather - which always makes things more challenging, from blizzards to hurricanes to drought to tornados ( and let's not forget earthquakes...not weather, but spooky) -  I think that everything else is pretty much a derivative of the "global economic woes" choice. 


Saw on "Morning  Joe" that the Time Magazine Man of the Year for 2011 is "The Protestor."  This has been an incendiary year, from the collective bargaining fight in the US, through the Arab Spring, to riots over lifestyle and funding it in the Eurozone,  and winding the year down with OWS and unrest on several foreign fronts. 


That is a reaction to economics, at the foundation of it all....

I agree.  Furthermore, I will bet that 2012 will be remembered as the year Armageddon began.


According to the Mayan calendar, the party is over on the Winter Solstice, next year.

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