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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: AgPoll: Purchasing pickup trucks

The last truck I bought new was a '72 Chevy 350 half ton, but I am planning on buying new again in a couple of years if the 179 stays in effect.  I will probably stay with GM, but will give Dodge and even Ford a look.  I've had bad luck with Ford's over the years and not much better with Chrysler.    I might even look at a foreign brand, but I don't like how Toyota handled their recent problem and it is important to me to have a wide dealership base because I intend to keep the next truck a long time and who knows where I'll be in a long time?

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Veteran Advisor

Re: AgPoll: Purchasing pickup trucks

Dang, I type bad on the ipad w/o the auto correct!  It is hard to type that thing with fat farmer fingers (say that 3 times real fast LOL).

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