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Agriculture Civil War - Livestock vs Corn

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17 livestock groups have petitioned EPA to relax or waive the ethanol mandate.  They want more and cheaper corn to be available for livestock feeders.  (I wonder if they are financed by the Chinese government, which would also benefit from more and cheaper corn?)

Corn growers say, "not on your life" and are prepared to defend their high prices and tight markets to the fullest.

What do you think?


Here's a recap of a story:


 Seventeen meat and dairy groups, lead by the national pork and beef organizations, have formally asked the EPA to waive the requirement for the national to produce over 13 billion gallons of ethanol this year, freeing up 4.5 billion bushels of corn. The groups say the supply of corn is needed for livestock and to ensure prices do not drive livestock producers out of business. The corn growers has opposed the action, saying it is too early to know how much of a corn deficit there will be and there should be efforts to work together, not separate farmer organizations."