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America's 50 Most Powerful People In Food

We all love lists and we love to argue about who is on or not on them and the order of precedence.  This is somebody's idea of who the 50 influencers are in what you eat.  It's not my list.  I bet it's not "the people"s list.,  But, it's somebody's list.

Topping it is Vilsack, SecAg.  #6 is Hoffa because he is president of the Teamsters union which hauls a lot of food (when I was a long haul truck driver back ni the '70's, most produce was hauled by non-union and even a lot of regulated food was hauled by non-union owner operators on a trip lease) so I don't know about Hoffa.  Also no there are a number of celebrity chefs.  I'm sure the mom n the super market line, rushing home from her day job, had time to watch Good Morning America and catch the latest super chef pronouncements.  Or maybe she read it in the NewYork Times op pages - that food critic is on the list, too.

There are only a couple of national government figures on the list and no members of Congress (gee, I thought they wrote the farm bill?).  

PETA is on the list, as is ADM and Cargill, as well as the founders of Instagram and Pinterest.  Not one geneticist or Land Grant universtiy or USDA ARS person is on the list.  I'd say about 1/3 to 1/4 of the list consists of "names" rather than doers.  If you nefver heard of a name, is it a name?


Oh, well.  I'm not on the list, either.


The list is on page two of the URL,1

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Re: America's 50 Most Powerful People In Food


Jim,   You should have been there.  IMO   🙂


The hardest part of reading is telling the tabloids from the serious researched work. -------- or the educational from the entertainment, often they are side by side in the "best" of sources.

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Re: America's 50 Most Powerful People In Food

I thought it was a very balanced list. Government, industry, chefs, Advocacy, and even extremists. I'm sure we could argue some but those are the people shaping the future of food. It's exciting times. Opportunities and challenges have never been greater in agriculture.
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