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An Article from Zero hedge

Here's the link if you wish to read it.http://


BUt I will also copy the part I found interesting.


Senate Blocks Middle Class Tax Cut Extension, As Treasury Will Soon Need To Issue Yet More Trillions...

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/04/2010 13:44 -0500



The recent passage of the middle class tax cut extension by Congress was roundly refuted by the Senate today as republicans and even some democrats voted against the proposal. This was expected, and means the bluff will come down to the wire, with some form of compromise required in the next week, involving an unemployment insurance-for-tax cut extension quid pro quo. It better come quick though: as Zero Hedge has been saying for the past 4 months, the biggest overhang on the market currently is the threat that the capital gains extension does not pass forcing a sell off as those in profitable position rush to lock in profits at lower rates (which is priced in to assume it will happen). This was finally made all too clear in a recent Strategas report that gained prominent recognition a few days ago. However, instead of this issue requiring resolution by the end of the month, the D-Day is actually December 15, at which point numerous option expiration/rolling decisions are made, impacting asset decisions on the underlying securities.  As to the tax cut extension, it is now more than obvious that Obama will be forced to soon renege on some of his key campaign promises, thereby making his presidential bid in 2012 even more of a non-starter, but more importantly, requiring the Treasury to fund even more government revenue shortfalls through bond printing, thereby making a new QE round (this time focusing on the 30 Year) all but guaranteed.



Two things here for your farm business thinking.


1. HOw much fund liquidation would there be if they don't see anything happening in the capital gains front?  Will it be time to move out of there way this next week so as to keep your profits in the market or do you ride through their exodus?


2. Is this last statement so much chicken little?  Can we print more money?  If so doesn;t that mean that the funds should stay in the positions they have so they can capture the next inflation wave? 


I don't know the answer to either I am still waiting for the block heater to warm up enough to start that rascally tractor.

If you are not sure weather to laugh or cry over this story go down to cattle talk and see the video I posted on ole willie.  JR

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Re: An Article from Zero hedge


ZERO HEDGE is a very negative constant doom/gloom site. They feed to people who need to think gloom /doom. Over time gloom/doom does very badly. I suggest you will be far more mislead by them vs. led right.


If people liquidate stk funds, good, buying oppoetrtunity.    GW tax cuts will stay.

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Re: An Article from Zero hedge

Near term, they're all scare shirtless of the stock market going down so they'll give Wall Street everything they cry for.


Now the interesting thing will be when we get to a 0% tax rate for everyone and cut granny's SS and medicare in order to keep the deficit at less than equal to total revenues.


Hey, Granny ain't creatin' no jobs.

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Re: An Article from Zero hedge

JR. Obama the caveman will cave in again and extend all the tax rates for another period of time.  The right expects to balance the budget by cutting granny's SS and medicare and our farm subsidies.


Obama just as well resign because his effectiveness will soon be gone. He will be a rubber stamp for the right because he is so determined to get something done even if it is wrong.

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