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Another nail in the coffin

Well the leader is calling a meeting on the renewable
Fuel is being blamed for the refinery
Going broke ((while all others are making profits....
Could it be the parent company drawing money
Out all the time ??))

You know what comes out will not be good for us.

The refiners are saying ethanol cost too much
And they have to blend...they want to push
Blending to distribution or even the pump.

That is crazy, the most logical place is to do
At the refinery.

Here is the thing they don't want you to think

It matters nothing if they must blend, nor the cost,
They can add the price in because they can sell
At any price....if you say no....tell me how gas can
Jump 10 cents in a day.
They are unlike us where we have to take what's
Offered.....they get the price asked

Plus, ethanol is not their oil business
It comes out of the ground and the true cost
Is hidden in several layers of paperwork.

So we've fouled up nafta and ttp, now going to
Revamp rfs....and Sonny comes out again yesterday
Saying we're going to do food boxes ((wonder who
Has the contract on that ? Start to digging, the
Answer is in the money trail)(