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Any charts out there on yield vs moisture with corn prices?

Was talking with seed dealer and always want to sell me longer day corn for better yield but doesnt want to talk dry costs.  Is there any program or chart that would take corn price, input dry costs and find the sweet spot on yield vs drying.  Local elevator brakets up to 20% then more to 25% and more per point over 25%.  Ive tried to chart it but way more axis than i can produce on my program.  I know better yield is always best but the risk/ margin starts to narrow on very high moistures with shrink.   thanks in advance.  red

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Re: Any charts out there on yield vs moisture with corn prices?

I don't have a chart or anything like that, but from past experience, the best moisture to pick corn is around 18-21%.  I adjust my corn length of season so that on an average year my dryest corn gets under 22%.  This is in terns of minimum field losses.


Our local elevator figures 1.5% shrink per 1% moisture over 15%.  I think actual shrink is 1.25%

Drying costs vary greatly with fuel costs & such, but our elevator charged 1 cent per % early in the season when they needed corn, to 2 cents per % regular drying fee.


Factoring everything, on a normal year if I could pick any moisture I could, it would be around 18-19%.


If you have your own bins and dryer, don't forget to figure in TIME.  Even if you get more yield, if the dryer can't keep up, because the corn is too wet, it will slow harvest down greatly.

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Re: Any charts out there on yield vs moisture with corn prices?

Can't cu and paste on this mobile device, but thought cooperative extension would yield an answer. I Googled the phrase "corm prices yield v moisture" and got a good article out of Purdue, with a CES de oration on the address line. I think it may be on target form what you want...try the Google thing...
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Re: Any charts out there on yield vs moisture with corn prices?

No documentation to support my opinion but I prefer a earlier variety with good yield potential. I generally plant a 102 or 103 day variety that has a history of good production. It's not only the dollars and cents part of the equation but the ease in harvesting and handling during a busy season.


I'm not impressed with ten bushel more with it ten points wetter. This years harvest was 192 bushels oer acre with no drying. We may change to a higher yielding variety for next year but hope to retain the early dry down.


We farm in north central Iowa Most plant a 100 to 112 day maturity corns. You will probably get more corn with the later maturities but you will pay for most of it with higher drying costs and the inconvenience of handling.


BTW if you can get some local test plot information that is most helpful in determining what specific varieties are doing well in your neighborhood.

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