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Re: The Dust Bowl and the Government

advice------- Think and plan,  know what you will do when the unthinkable happens.  And be greatful when it doesn't.

I have summerfallowed for two years waiting for rain and I have harvested 50 bu. wheat and followed it with a double crop milo at 70 bu.  You take care of the land first, be greatful for the opportunities you get and stay able to be patient.



The importance of the depression and dust bowl is how it still affects us in more ways than we can number.  

Example----------- My wife and I were born in '51.  She is from central Ks.  I grew up 50 miles from Guymon, Okla.  If you look in our kitchen you can tell who unloaded the dishwasher.  She puts the glasses away standing up.  I put them upside down and always will.