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Re: The Dust Bowl and the Government

Intelligence and common sense are not exclusive with each other.  Plus, it's not that we need government to tell us what is best for the land, but there is a time when conditions are such that regardless whether individual choices are by themselves well made, the overall good of the nation is more important than allowing people to fail.  The nation's infrastructure and national security is at risk.  Additionally, it is not a question of moral hazard, but one of preventing a total collapse.


Though it's slightly off topic, I find it ironic that some people who espouse a libertarian philosophy when it comes to politics, readily take advantage of government programs when made available.  If you read the expose' on the Koch brothers in the Wichita Eagle, you would read about it firsthand.  They fervently believe in limited government, but have no scruples in collecting ethanol subsidies and oil subisidies.  They justify it by saying they would be placed in an economic disadvantage with their competitors.  Their conviction about limited government is shallow, at best.  They have no skin in the game.


Back to the issue at hand, government, through land grants, the extension and other entitities can promote dialogue and encourage experimentation with best management practices.  Private companies certainly engage in this arena, but they have a dog in the fight, to sell product.  Government can and should be as objective as it can and allow the farmer the opportunity to check out the data without coercion.