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Re: The Dust Bowl and the Government

I look at my land, as something I am only using, that I want my kids to have one day.

I actually am willing to give up a little bit of productivity, in order to ensure that 50 years from now, it is still good land, with good water underneath, that is safe to drink.

I do see the occasional high-bid renter come through, bid up the rents for a few years, mine the fertility off the soil, and move on.  Seeing that, makes me think that the best stewards of the land, in general, are the ones who live on it, and want their kids to be able to.


As far as the government, I think it kind of depends on what we want the outcome to be, as a nation.  I belive that there needs to be some law, to prevent overuse of fertilizer and pesticides, but I also belive, that over time, best farming practices would eventually spread, simply because common sense tells me that for the most part, people will gravitate to what works the best.   However, having University research and test plots, I belive has helped these better practices catch on quicker, expecially when they can use proven data, to show that X practice will give Y benefits.