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Re: Anyone watch Dust Bowl on PBS?

RE. Dust bowl I was only able to view one episode of the dust bowl but did enjoy watching it.  (somewhat sad memories)

I was born durning that era so of course can not remember it happening, But my parents and neighbors who lived in it  painted a picture in my mind  never to forget. True, mother nature had a big part of the teribble dust storms that occured but the MOLDBOARD plowing of all of the vegatative growth has to take most of the blame. Also there was greed back then also. we can't begin to compare those standards of living to today;s. As dry as it was here in central Iowa this year we were still able to harvest some crop and keep most of our livestock. If the genectics were of even five years ago compared to today's we would have had little to no crops. We have electricty to pump water,run our airconditioners,see to get around 24-7' preserve our food, groceries on all shelve,s gas to run here and there, diesel to power our machines  AND ON AND ON.

        Still greed run,s rampat among us. Most all the fields you see this fall are ripped up and just waiting for another repeat of the thirty;s. True farming practices are far better than those day,s but have we really learned anything?

 Roosevelt develped the C.C.C. to plant tree,s for wind barriers and encouraged different farming practices which helped dramatilclly. Now look at what is takeing place all over again in the exact location. The big boy's are ripping out the barries to make it easier to have it all in one feild so they won;t have to take time to turn around with ther million dollar combines or mamouth's they call tractors.

Seem's to me we haven't learned a dammed thing.                 Grampa