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Re: Grandpa :

I just ordered 200 trees to plant spring 2013 from the state forestry, they will be in the ground in east central Iowa!
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To Grandpa

I have to agree that with what you posted.  There has been several 160 acres of soybean stubble worked this fall around me.  with 25 bushel beans there isn't much residue left. 

I would think that fall worked ground would dry out terrible fast. 


There has been several "brief case farmers" in my area,   spent millions on farm ground then hire someone to farm it. 

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Re: To Grandpa

Perfect term for the times highyields,   "Brief Case Farmers"



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R John
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Re: Anyone watch Dust Bowl on PBS?

We are potentially witnessing a replay of the conditions in the '30s. There is wheat planted in September that has not germinated. Upon close inspection of those fields show dust has accumulated in the drill furrows from blowing dust and it is only the first of November. The wheat that has germinated and emerged in showing sign of stress while it searches for moisture to survive. It will be susceptible to winterkill. I don't see anything in future forecasts that will alieve this situation. Dire straits does not describe our condition. According to NOAA we have been in 'exceptional drought' here for months. A neighbor said that in the 'Greeley County Repulican' newspaper they reported that without approximately 0.90" of moisture before 12/31 it will be equally as dry as it was during any year of the 1930s.