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Applying For Syngenta Corn Settlement

I just finished applying for the Syngenta Corn Settlement.


It's a lot easier if you reported acres to FSA.  You just allow the settlement people to access your FSA info.


Although I have not been in the farm program for many years, I was reporting acres up until 2014 just in case ....It was handy to have all the CLU acres broken out, but I still had to enter every single CLU by hand.  I didn't see any way for the settlement people to accept years 13-14 and 14-15 but hand enter the rest so I just did them all  I was able to reconstruct the remaining years acres pretty easily.


Someone with a lot of rented acres, changed acres, moving waterways and fences around and so forth might have a nightmare.


I never planted the Syngenta corn so I hear that means my cut is higher than those who planted.  I don't know.


How long will it take to hear back?  No idea.


How much will I get?  I guess something,but can't say how much.  Some say it depends on how many apply.

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