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“Aquacheck,” a rod implanted in the soil whose sensors

Does anyone have any experience with these Aquacheck? Just curious. It says it only takes 4 to cover a 1/4 section so not bad. Article is below or part of the newspaper article:




Iowa, with its annual average of 37 inches of rain, has never been considered prime territory for irrigation equipment. But those farmers who need to monitor soil moisture on a regular basis could look over “Aquacheck,” a rod implanted in the soil whose sensors send data on soil moisture to a farmer’s computer.

“About two of these devices will cover 80 acres,” said Josh Potter, who sells Aquacheck for the Van Wall Group based in Perry.

Potter said Aquacheck has been used mostly in Nebraska and Western states to monitor soil moisture levels for center pivot irrigation.

“But with the drought, now there’s more interest in equipment like this in dry-land farming in Iowa and elsewhere,” said Potter.