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Re: “Aquacheck,” a rod implanted in the soil whose sensors

I have heard of some experiments with them.   The 4 per quarter section is only on flat, even ground.   If you have rolling ground, or several different soil types, the number goes up substantially.

About all I can say that I know, is that the University was doing some tests with them, and on rolling/hilly/uneven ground, it was saying that some areas of the field were too wet, and others were too dry, at the same time (Heck, they could have given me the money, and I could have told them that, LOL).

Currently, if I remember right, they are trying to set them up on a center pivot irrigated field, to regulate when and how fast the pivot moves, to water different parts of the field, only as much as needed.   I think if you field was flat, or at least the slopes laid out in a favorable way, it could have potential to save some water and not hurt yield.