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Are You For Or Against GMO Labelling?

Senator Feinstein wrotte a letter to President Obama urging him to ignore Congress and direct the FDA to require the disclosure of GMO ingredients in foods.


There are a couple of questions here, including whether the president should use executive action, but the main question is whether or not food should be labelled with GMO ingredients.  What do you think?


If foods are labelled with GMO ingredients will it imply that it makes a difference in the food?  Those who oppose GMO labelling say it's all the same food and a label would be an artificial and unscientific designation.


If foods with GMO ingredients are labelled, would essentially all foods of many types be labelled so that the public would decide it simply didn't matter?


Would custormer reaction to GMO labelling increase the market for non-GMO grains and makes the farmers more money, or would the farmers feel obligated to grow some non-GMO to serve the marekt but have the eat the increased storage, pesticide and handling costs without being compensated?


What do we know about how current labels are interpreted and used and how will that reflect how GMO labelling might be used?  Would it simply be ignored, or would it just be a way for retailers to charge more money without passing any more on to the farmer?


I have to say that I don't care whther food has GMO labels or not.  I buy on value and I personallyl don't think GMO or organic affects the quality of the product to the price component of value ends up being a major factor.  I buy the meat that tastes best and don't care where it's from so long as it's safe.  There happens to be a breakfast cereal that is as good as Post that is organic but is cheaper - I buy it.


What do you tihink about GMO labelling and how it is being handled?

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