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Are You Ready To Obey All The Laws?

Technology is more and more providing the affordable ability to monitor at a micro level.  That means that if government wanted to, it could put a traffic camera on every stop sign or signal, at every work zone, at every school zone.  Are you ready to say goodbye to a cushion of 10 mph over the posted limit?  And, should that be managed by for-profit companies or should the government run these cameras?


Since the University of Iowa and other agencies have experimented with eliminating gas taxes in favor of charging you a mileage tax based on your car's GPS, should we require that?  And if we require a GPS in every car, should that information be available to government in crime investigation and insurance companies to see if you complied iwth the provisions that you signed (even thougth you didn't read it).


Does the ability to monitor all over mean you are ready to start obeying road and bridge limits with your heavy equipment?  No more 40 ton tractors and grain carts on 20 ton bridges?  


The primary question is, are we ready to move from a generally consensual, even cultural set of communal standards or are we going to have to adapt to precise compliance in nearly every phase of personal, professional and business life?


Will you have to change the way you do business?  Hey, you can put your radar detector up for sale on Craigt's List.


BTW, no more barter.  The IRS will have enough data to ask you where that extra 100 round bales went to and why you didn't declare them.

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