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Are market advisors also having tough year?

I won`t mention this outfit by name, but I used their service during the first part of the bull run, and their stochastics gimmick was a dismal failure.  They would`ve had me marketing in the bottom of the range, worse figuring fees associated with being cute.  I dumped them and told them off, but they have my cell number and home phone and they`ve turned into trolls after they must think i`ve forgotten my sour experience with them.


The cell phone rang, didn`t know the number it was from Indiana, I figured it was my buddy Ken...but no it was that danged oufit out of the blue.  Well the salesman and i talked about markets  a short hour, then I realized this fool was setting the hook...I don`t want their expensive, less than worthless service, so I said "I`ll think about it and call you back" ...he says "When can I expect your reply?"  Smiley Very Happy...oh he`s a slick one.   well, I`m a man of my word and did call back the next day as I said to tell him to "stick it!", he was out of the office early for the weekend.  I thought, I called back and my obligation is done, he`s s.o.L.  for not being there.  Well, I saw that Monday he called cell and home phone and he calls every blinkety-blankin` day sometimes twice for 2, going on 3 weeks straight....what kind of nut does that????   It`s someone looking out for themselves, not me that is for sure.


This morning I`m about in the mood to answer that Indiana call (hope it`s not ken or 3020   Smiley Happy ) and give him a string of "none Ishmael approved language".  But are these market gurus that desperate that they`ve turned into trolls?