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Re: Are rural communities a toxic environment for keeping youth around?

On several levels, I would agree with you.  I know it is hard to find a potential spouse that enjoys a rural lifestyle.  But it's not totally impossible.  I know of four men in my community, now in their late 40's and 50's that found their mate after taking the extra effort.  One married a professor of music, another a school teacher and another a stay at home wife that helped manage a lawn care business.  I am not sure about the fourth one, but they are happily married, from what I hear. You have to be willing to open your mindset and look outside the box.  Even some city raised women would jump at the chance to live in the country.  Admittedly, it does take extra effort to find them.  What's wrong with looking for something that is as precious as someone you want to spend your whole life with?


City amenities are nice.  Proximity to cultural events or other venues can be enticing, if you are willing to make that effort to woo that special person.  We farmers are no longer married to the plow, or the cow, unlike our ancestors.  We can, if we choose, spend the time to e n j o y city life when it is appropriate and depending on the season.


Rural attractions are nice, too.  Spend an evening with the love of your life, watching the sun go down in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  E n j o y a morning sunrise, even from the comfort of your home, on a cold winter day.  Watch the Aurora Borielas dance across the cold winter, cloudless skies.  Appreciate the stillness of the night, and later, watch the blinding snow storm fill the nooks and crannies of your landscape, and in the morning, gaze at mother nature's adornment of the finest crystalline structures known to man, as the sunlight makes them sparkle like gems.


Or, you can drive the 50 minutes to an hour and half to a metropolitan city and take in a show at the dinner theatre, or whatever suits your fancy.


Anything worth having costs something more than minimal effort, don't you think?



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