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Re: Are windmills causing our beeped up weather?

Too much free time......

 the lack of iron.....parked in those shelter belts.

The deforestation of colorado by the forest service..........


And the winner is....................from these finalists.


Several years of dry falls, a couple of drought years,  and full development of the idea that wet falls are abnormal --- or in the new mellinial mind set---PUNISHMENT FROM GOD.. 

There are college professors that will verify that midwestern grain producers abuse women and brouht this all on themselves.  (including their mothers and whomever hates enough to testify.)


Lawyers are seeking farmers to join in a class action suit against the weather app developer at Google.


Silicon Valley is manipulation weather patterns


It is a wet fall and will trim and delay both crops, allow  full development of insurance claims paperwork ----and allow us to renew our humility.


an my favorite............



NO Problem............Usda moved harvest up to near done status.



(windmills are therapeutic insterments for human hypnotism.  When you awake another record crop will be in the usda file cabinet and your fields will need a farmers market approval permit for you to have a conjugal visit.  Don't forget to apply for a travel visa to leave the trade area of your farm.  Keep those male ankle bracelets in place at all times.)