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Re: Are windmills causing our beeped up weather?









All those can be tied to solar radiation and wind.  But not coal, petroleum, greenhouse gasses, or the burning of fossil fuels.


The things that remain constant are the human ego and the fun of telling a lie and seeing folks believe it.  The first use of  new  technology is often the proof of a profitable lie.  Computer modeling is no exception.  Crop circles and the power of  the Piramid.


The history chanel spends hours not revealing documented history, but speculating on the unknown myths and mysteries an trying to prove them with satellite imagery and other genetic conjecture and projection of modern "sudo" science.


The "fragile" ecosystem myth will carry on nearly as long as "The world is flat" did.  As long as it delivers profit and power (or humans are entertained by the ignorance of others)


The coming and going of species probably predates recorded history and will go on after humans.


But we love to feel powerful.  And blaming the neighbor (and watching him squirm.)