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Re: Are windmills causing our beeped up weather?

Malnutrition is marketed much the same as citrus.
and profitably.
I have neighbors who ship dogs to Denver for recycling. I have the same gut reaction as citrus and malnutrition.

When did world malnutrition and hunger become profit centers?
The worlds poor will always be there.
289. I have the same twist of gut when I watch good people fly off to “the world” yet won’t treat a patient here unless he has insurance or gets sick after 5pm.
Or change anyone’s oil at 4:45 on Friday afternoon, — yet plan their vacation around rebuilding a school in Haiti.

On the subject. African agriculture as I saw it in South Africa, Has no country of origin if anything it is European ag.— finances and contracted to the highest bidder for export. Natives get the leftovers & unsellables at local markets.
It is “at sea” controlled by an international marketer well before harvest. Local “Dole-one example” financed farmers use the cheap poor to harvest, pack, and ship direct from the “farm” to the docks. The only investment by the mega food marketers was a local contracting agent working out of a private home on commission and their trained agronomist consultant.

I was there 12 years ago.
IMO— it is the future for US agriculture thanks to our “world vision” leaders the last 20 years and their anti USA trade policies (are part of what is drying up small town mid America.) Technology and “amazon” mentality will drive the mid US to contract farming for the rich corporations who finance crops and elections. Yet they have no home country offiliation. International community of rich stockholders who live where they choose and pay taxes where they choose.