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Re: Are windmills causing our beeped up weather?

The wind generators causing climate

Change !!!!


That's plain nuts


Go back years ago when we pumped

Most of our water with windmills.


Chances are other things are driving

Climate change...funny department of

Defense consider it a threat...someone

Else orders government websites

Scrub for climate change research.


All I know over 6 inches of rain,

Tonight lows in mid 20's, rain turning

To snow, 2 to 4 inches..20 to 30

Mph winds....all of this odd this

Time of year.

Wheat still to be drilled, soybeans that

Are popping, Milo that will go down

With snow and wind...similar to



Add in low prices and higher

Operation cost due to tarriff


Wonderful year



Yeah right


And windmills cause climate

Change.....more likely some gas

Bags on here venting nonsense.