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Re: Are windmills causing our beeped up weather?

Nutlug,  I totally agree...Fall moisture (and for us) hurricane moisture are what is normal over the decades.

I have seen harvests from the late 50's to current. Down here where I grew up looking for Lubbock dust and the smell of the "rotten eggs" Texas oil fields on the southern breeze at dawn (our indicator of winds coming) -----our "never miss" weather APP.  

From 1960 to 1996 we never missed a wheat crop... some were 25 b/a and some were 50 b/a, but we had one every year. Also grazed wheat with calves in winter months for 30+ years in a row.

But since the 90's wheat has been hard to produce, seldom grazeable(swks/okla panhandle), and kansas yields have been unreliable even in the heart of production(enid okla to Smith Center, Ks)  It has been years since usda reports for kansas reflected the problems and demise of wheat.  Western ks and colorado have increased fall crops and reduced wheat acres steadily through that 20 years 1996-2016.

Facilitating this is weather...... Falls have been dry and when humidity is low temperature varries without that humidity--high and low.

drought was terrible--- but the two worst issues produced locally over the latest 20 years were

1 no moisture to start winter wheat in the fall and  

2. fall so dry that fall crops could not be harvested fast enough -- when irrigated corn is drying at nearly one% per day we have an abnormal condition, people find themselves harvesting corn at 12- 13 moisture, which is an immediate 8-10 bushel reduction in yield that usda never recognizes.  It facilitates the foolishness of coops and end users to pile crops on the ground in normally wetter climates.


 But we think the last 10 years are normal because we all think we can get what we want in milliseconds.

Normals are seldom ---- Normal is still the midpoint between the highs and lows of weather patterns.

 IMO the norm in the corn belt is not harvesting the whole fall crop in shirt sleeves and loading trucks in the field, cause I wasn't born with Fleetwood Mac on the radio.  We didn't have a radio.


I remember a grain sorghum crop unharvested until frozen ground in December through January, from 2 AM to noon when the moisture could be blown out the back as frost. --- an extremely good crop delivered to an elevator in th Ok Panhandle.


The climate we have enjoyed the last few years is not normal.....take a trip to Colorado and see what the drought has done to our public forests.

And do not base your weather beliefs on the  political entertainment disguised as "news"(in business to scam the public for cash).  It is so obvious that most Americans do not believe politicians and educators can predict weather changes let alone who to blame it on.

One of the most consistent patterns of climate is hurricane season in the SE, Florida and the Gulf coast and the pumping of moisture into the midwest.  Would a population that believes the dooms day climate predictions build on the coasts like we do? 

A dry fall is not normal.