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Area Calculation Or Plot Survey: New Feature Of Dripwala!

Area calculation or plot survey is most commonly used in day-to-day life for many people. People who are working in the field where you deal with your customer’s data about measuring their area, and later you will work on that data or submit that data for any purpose like government details. This feature will surely help you!
Let’s recollect how much money and time you spend on this whole process? If your one client is at 20 km, and the second client is in opposite direction and is also around 10-20 km.
Therefore analyze your traveling expense. In addition to that, do not forget how much time it will take to do just 2 customers.
Survey engineers or Irrigation Engineers decide what is the position for the pump, filtration tank, or other accessories. They need any tool which can do it fast and in an easy way. In conclusion, this will benefit you with easy processing.
Now imagine if you are sitting in your shop and measuring your customer’s plots within 2 mins and with accuracy. Area calculation or plot survey is the need of the market and Dripwala is trying to fulfill it.

Benefits Of Area Calculation Or Plot Survey:

  • Saves Money- All the traveling expenses required for physically visit the place are saved, and the tools required for your area calculation are not needed now.
  • Saves Time- This saves the time required for physically visiting the plot.
  • Fast Process: You can select the map and add the corner points of the plot and you will see the final output of the area.
  • Easy Information Saving and Transfer: You can easily save all the area you have measured. In “Saved Survey” you can see all the past records you have saved.
  • Speed of Process: It’s soo fast and accurate that within 2 mins you can measure any kind of shape or plot.

Features Of Area Calculation Or Plot Survey:

  • Free area calculation: Area Calculation or plot survey is absolutely FREE to use. Also, you can do unlimited surveys with Dripwala.
  • Use Satellite Map: Satellite maps gives you fast operating and accurate measurements. Through satellite maps you can select any portion and measure its area without visiting that plot.
  • High accuracy: It gives you highly accurate measurements. Also it depends on how you select the corner points. But its easy to deselect or edit the selected points and correct your plot dimensions.
  • Latitude & longitude: This feature not only deals in area, but also gives you latitude and longitude of the plot.
  • Data in various units- People measure distance or area in various units. Therefore we provide it with most commonly known units of area measurements, like Square Meter, Square Feet, Bigha, Guntha, Acre, Hectare, Are, Square yard, etc.

Who All Will Be Benefited:

People from the following industries are our prime users for this feature. Such as,

  • Civil Engineers,
  • Irrigation Engineers,
  • Irrigation vendors or dealers,
  • Interior Decorators,
  • Property Dealers,
  • Architectures,
  • Survey Engineers,
  • Mechanical Engineers,
  • Government Officials etc.

Those who deal in area calculation are spending a lot of money on traveling. In conclusion, Dripwala and its new feature save this money. Now it is on Play Store, launching soon for other systems.

Experience it, and measure your plots, Here

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