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Re: Asian farmers

  I pulled into a middle easterner owned gas station yesterday with my pickup and livestock trailer.   It's the only foreign owned station in the area for miles.  At the next gas pump was a foreign looking middle easterner pumping gas.  He took a look at my trailer and gave me the dirtiest look imaginable.  He was in his 30s and his head scarved mother I believe was also in the car.  The back seat was full of household items and the car was sitting low in the rear making me think the trunk was also filled.  The car had an out of state license plate.   Besides getting the dirty look what I thought was odd was that he stopped at the only foreign owned place around.   Makes me think they have a network of like nationality owned places of businesses.   Needless to say that was my last time going there.  Usually I will fill the tank but yesterday I only put in 5 gallons.  Makes the term buy American take on a whole new meaning.

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