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At Any Price

Agriculture in general and Iowa farmers in particular can get ready for interpreation as greedy, selfish and manipulative.  Maybe some of you will agree with it.  Smiley Happy,0,3114642.story


"Henry is a modern man, up against the banks and the bills, managing his 3,700 acres with state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring BlackBerry alerts on the price of corn. But more to the point, he's a morally compromised and emotionally spent antihero, a Willy Loman whose patient wife (Kim Dickens) stands by him through increasingly challenging times, even knowing that he's been carrying on with Meredith (Heather Graham)."


"On one level “At Any Price” is a critical exploration of agribusiness and its cutthroat, hypercompetitive ways. On a deeper level it is a searching, somewhat ham-handed allegory of American hubris in the 21st century and a bleak assessment of the country’s wobbly moral compass."





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