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Re: Average age of farmer is 58, I`m still young..Yay!

"free enterprise being destroyed"  & "natural human progress"  --- not related..... both undefineable nonsense IMO.  ( generated to be defined only in the eye of the author)

If "free enterprise destruction" means lack of upward mobility of the lower classes as the result of endless power grab by rich upper classes through fear mongering computer projections of models we can't completely define in order to project fables that will not be disputed by enough fools to determine elections, then that is one thing. (similar to the world before WW1 being led by Kingdoms of unfathomed wealth, squeezing their subjects to produce and fight to show their loyalty)

But "natural human progress" ---- does that even exist..... in a natural state does man progress or just pick the good fruit and kill the fat slow beast (or find the drive through).  IMO -- It does not exist naturally.  Humans are lazy and unproductive in a natural state.  Cultures go centuries without progress if food walks by every day, and if plentiful enough, driving the prey off a cliff is easier than developing a firearm.

Most of what we call progress is the result of the tools politicians use every day and humans are so dumb they fall for the same stampede tactics they always have.   FEAR   &  Competition.   those are the drivers of what is called "progress".  Humans don't do much until those two components are applied.  

IMO ---- Fear has produced most of the progress in human life history and many developments that might not be progressive yet fear is the motivator.  Only Fear unites to a common goal and creates the push to accomplish and survive.  Most all human accomplishment can be tied to war and the threat of war.  Including our present day technology boom. 

Ag history...... is not the small family farm alone.  It is largely made up of our desires to solve problems and develop our resources for a cause, like feeding a starving world in the 1940's & 50's.  To defend ourselves against attack by developing an interstate hwy system convertable to military use if needed.  It is the need to join in developing river transportation, rail grain delivery systems, etc etc etc..... WW2 fears carried us a long way.

Lately our development has been based on fear of survival in the industry.  Fear from a government that opened the door to foreign ownership of our elevators and competitors.  Fear of technology that opens the door (and provides the financing) of the takeover of agriculture by the elite powerful rich classes of the world.  If the poor of the world held anything it was the ability to produce through agriculture.  The loss of that is something we should fear.  Laws in place now can dictate who is approved to produce and sell food in the US, and intentionally concentrate that privilege to the chosen few that are favored by congress.(like your prescriptions in federal health care).

Bo Derek in her own way was providing her husband a "manure spreader" and keeping him in business.  Weren't you happy to leave that theatre knowing you didn't have to pay for her lifestyle or "keeping her young"?

Capitalism has never meant a "sole proprietor business".  But it has meant "freedom to choose".   We have seen for decades the success created when farmers choose to work together, brothers, friends, or neighbors  seeing a better way to succeed.   I see families who pass generations working together to become owners of secondary businesses.  That is not new.  What capitalism is in fact the freedom to invest in each other.  Freedom the poorer classes will loose as the elite agriculture of technology invade agriculture and wrestle it away from the poor.

Pork is an amazing example of where it all goes when the tech and the money are right........ and 289 It has amazed me on every turn when it happens cheap food is the result.    eggs, milk, etc    it is a long list that is interesting to think about.

Mainly IMO we need to think about where we fit in.   Because that is economic progress..... but probably not human progress.  Humans will fight the same old temptations for centuries to come.


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Re: Average age of farmer is 58, I`m still young..Yay!

Younger  cow/calf  producers,  selling  O.4o  / lb.  weigh-ups  -  being  converted into  $3.98 / lb.  burger  has  some  Xplaining  to  be  offered  

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