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A lot of the bigger towns in the old dust bowl area became ww2 aircraft training bases.


Liberal, Ks.-- here close to us was a B-24 training base and every old farmer around has a story about being buzzed on an old open tractor by at least one,,,, and how impressive it was when one went down and every plane on the base was in the air in minutes.

Dodge City ks--- B-17s
Garden City Ks---- Flight training and plane storage
Pratt, Great Bend and Salina Ks ---- B-29


Dalhart Tx--- Three training bases within 10 miles of town trained everything from Gliders to B-29's
Imagine a small prairie town with 9 different 8,000 ft runways busy at one time.
Enid, Okla.......... is training military pilots yet today was built in 1941


And many more including Walker Air Base near Hays ks


Those events Provided the area with many wonderful Airport facilities and inspired an amazing amount of private aviation "Flying Farmers" in the decades to come.
I've got one of those Pilots Licenses myself ....... inspired by my father who was a young kid on one of those tractors..... we eventually took flying lessons together and found dad had a heart problem and I had a license. I can't count the number of farmers, and sons of farmers, I have known who fly from this area. My sons farm for one former farm family in which there are 4 pilots. One is making a regular trip to Sal Paulo, Brazil and is a 777 check pilot for American. He's too young to have waved at the guy hanging out of the belly of that bomber, but his life has most surely been affected by those events.
I often am reminded how much events and circumstances change us and how one event spurs another.



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