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Re: Two categories of farmers

when I place a bid on a piece of ground I want to know where the down payment is coming from, what the loan rate will be and how long before the farm pays for itself,   No I haven't gotten ANY of the ground I bid on the last few years, simply becaues I don't think it was worth the risk.  I don't worry about paying for ground today or tomorrow, but what will I do if the Feds, finally say, yes we have an inflation fire,,,and we need to put it out,   I'm by far not a large player when it comes to acres, infact I'm small, I have a cash operation, I don't borrow my operating funds, the machinery is paid for because its old or inheirited, some may say I was born with a silver spoon, but I wasnt.   


When I was in college I was told that I'm too conservative,  well perhaps, but I couldn't get anyone to help me buy ground 15 years ago, I was wet behind the ears 23 year old kid, what the hell does he know,  I knew enough that my net worth today COULD HAVE BEEN close to 10 million dollars,,I'm not complaining,,,thats my life.....when corn was coming off of 1.50, why would anyone EVER think it was going to $8,,,,,,


What I'm getting at is, I like to take exposed risks,  I don't like flying by the seat of my pants, and any market after making new highs, should and WILL coming back 50%, maybe it only stays there a year, but she'll settle back,,,,,in the 20's around home here it lost 90%,, if commodities are on a 30 year cycle,  

we are close to finishing another 100 years SUPER cycle,,,,



If you look at a chart of interest rates, rates don't stop until your in the 20% range.....NEVER, EVER say NEVER    



carter raised the amout of money in the system 12%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the current admistration, 130%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



I'm not a seller, It took my family 6 generations to put together what we have,, and I'm not going to place that on the market.    


To me owning land is something more then money and an investment, its about taking care of something


its the reason I farm, I like to watch things grow,,,,,If I wanted a lifestyle with cash flow I would go get a job in town,,,but I want something more, something that helps define who I am,,,,,


I just wish I was 100% boss instead of 2nd in command,,,,,,,,,,or is it 3rd,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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