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Berkeley Says Soda Tax Is Working

Apparently, the city of Berkeley says the 1 cent/ounce tax on sugary drinks is causing a significant reduction in soda consumption.  It has also caused a small increase in soda consumption in neighboring towns.  🙂


This is a sin tax.  Money from sin taxes almost never goes to address the sin, it usually goes into the general coffers so everyone except the sinner likes sin taxes.  Sin taxes are disproportionately strong on the lower income, but who cares?  They're sinners, and ignorant, too, most likely.  They deserve to have less money if they sin.


Interestingly, no one want to put  a high sin tax on alcohol which causes disease and death.  No, everyone likes their beer.  And, we tried that once and it didn't work.


So, tax cigarets, sugar, run lotto games, did I leave anything out?  We educated, caring "konw what is good for you" people are here to help the ill-informed and weak willed get better.


After they ban motorcycle riding because it's dangerous, where are you going to get organ donors?  Maybe other forms of social engineering might work.  The mentally defective don't need those livers and kidneys, do they?

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Re: Berkeley Says Soda Tax Is Working

How about divorce? Maybe, in addition to the sin tax of child support, we could institute a tax on both parties. Like, marriage is supposed to be 'till death do you part, right? Well, how about THEY HAVE TO PAY BACK ALL THE TAX BENEFITS THEY GOT DURING THE MARRIAGE. Sorta like recapturing depreciation.

I like that - a lot. Let's make it happen.

One man, one woman, or combination of the above, ONE TIME.

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